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Black Box UV Analyzer WFH-203B

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25 Sep 2023
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General Lab

Specification of Black Box UV Analyzer WFH-203B

Dark Box UV Analyzer WFH-203b
1. It is a neckish instrument for the Many Major Substances such as proteins and nucleotides in scientific experiments.
2, in drug production and research, can be used to check the quality of hormone alkaloids, vitamins, etc. Can Produce Fluorescent Drugs, it is particularly suitable for thin layer analysis, paper analysis of spots and detection.
3, in the dye coating rubber, petroleum and other chemical industries, the determination of a variety of fluorescent materials, fluorescent indicators and additives to identify different types of crude oil and rubber products.
4, can be used in textile chemical fiber to determine the different types of raw materials such as wool, silk rayon, cotton synthetic fiber, and check the quality of the finished product.
5, in the grain, oil, vegetables, food sector can be used to check the toxins, (such as aflatoxin, etc.) food additives, detectoring the quality of vegetables, fruits, cocoa beans, chocolate, fat, honey, sugar, sugar, Eggs and so on.
6, in the geological, archeological and other departments can play a variety of minerals, determine the authenticity of cultural relics.
7, in the ** department can check fingerprints, close-up writing and so on.
Second, The Instrument Structure:
The instrument is composed of UV Lamp and Filter. One Function Emit Strong 254 Nm and 365 Nm Ultraviolet Rays, Respectively, and It Also Possible to Mix Two Wavelengths at a Time.
The Machine has low power consumption, low heat, and can be used continuously for a long time. The biggest advantage is that can be opened and closed, and can be used as soon as it is open. The light from the UV lamp is filtered by a filter to remove visible light, providing intense 254 nm and 365 nm UV for fluorescence analysis.

Third, The Main Technical Indicators:
Wavelength: 254nm, 365nm;
UV Filter: 150 × 50mm;
Dimensions: 300 × 300 × 270mm
Maximum Irradiation Area: 250 × 250mm (Available Area)
Power Supply: AC220V ±
General Laboratory Equipment
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