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Portable Cooled Incubator
Portable Cooled Incubator
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Specification of Portable Cooled Incubator

Product Description

Model:  AE-PI-100


1. The portable incubator AE-PI-1 is designed for personal uses in storing and incubating samples 

at temperature ranging from 5°C to 60°C;

2. The incubator employed the sophisticate Peltier technology with capable of heating and cooling;

3. The program can automatically detect whether the incubator needs to be heated or cooled; 

4. The temperature resolution is 0.1°C; ±0.2°C accuracy; and ±0.2°C stability;

5. There are max. 5 steps of temperature with different duration time which can be programmed;

6. The temperature can be easily calibrated at different steps;

7. The incubator can be carried out and plug into the car cigarette outlet.


Temp. Range: 5°C to 60°C;   Temp. Accuracy: ±0.2°C;

Temp. Uniformity: ± 0.5°C;   Temp. Stability: ±0.2°C

Temp. Increment: 0.1°C;   Timer: 1080 hours (45 Days)

Timer resolution: 1 second;   Max Steps of Temp.: 5;

Selection on Heating and Cooling: Automatically Detected;

Calibration Capable: Yes;

Portability: handle and Car Cigarette Plug included;

Internal Dimensions: 19.0 x 27 x 35 cm;

Dimensions: (w x d x h): 29.5 x 35 x 46.5 cm;

Capacity: 18L;    Weight: 6.0 kg/13Lbs;

Electrical: 100 to 240V, 50-60Hz, 60 W;

Operating environment: 4°C (cold room)to 60°C;

Limited Warranty: 1 year.

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