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Portable UV Lamp Analyzer 254 and 365nm Selectable or Simultaneous

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21 Jul 2022
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Specification of Portable UV Lamp Analyzer 254 and 365nm Selectable or Simultaneous

ortable UV Analyzer
The main technical indicators:
Wave length: 254 nm, 365 nm
UV color filter: 150 x 50 mm
Power supply: AC220V plus or minus 10%, 50 hz
Weight: 1.5 Kg

1, in the scientific experiment work it is to detect many major substances such as protein, nucleotide necessary equipment.
2, in the drug production and research, can be used to check the hormone alkaloids, all sorts of vitamins can produce fluorescent drug quality, it is suitable for thin layer analysis, the paper layer analysis and testing spots.
3, in dye coating rubber, oil, chemical industry, such as the determination of all kinds of fluorescent materials, fluorescent indicator and additives, to identify different kinds of crude oil and rubber products.
4, in the textile and chemical fibre can be used for determination of different kinds of raw materials such as wool, silk, synthetic fiber, cotton, synthetic fiber, and can check the quality of the finished product.
5, in grain and oil, vegetables, food department can be used to check toxins, such as aflatoxin, etc.), food additives, metamorphism of vegetables, fruits, cacao fat, chocolate, fat, the quality of the honey, sugar, eggs and so on.
6, such as geological, archaeological department has found a variety of minerals, judging the authenticity of a fossil of cultural relics.
7, in the public security department can check the finger mark determination, steganography handwriting, etc.
The structure of the instrument:
This instrument adopts the uv lamp and filter. A function respectively, the ultraviolet radiation from intense 254 nm and 365 nm can also one-time mixture of two kinds of wavelength.
The machine has consumed power of small, low heat, and can be used continuously for a long time, the biggest advantage is that can be as open as close, a drive can be used. Uv lamp tubes, filter the light filtering to visible light, thus for fluorescence analysis provides a strong 254 nm and 254 nm uv light
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