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Telescopic Rods
Telescopic Rods
Telescopic Rods
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02 Sep 2016

Specification of

For industry and water treatment
Increased rigidity telescopic rod by using cold-rolled profile rod
Springs made of stainless steel

TeleScoop is a versatile sampling system with exchangeable tools for a wide range of applications. The tools (the angular a beaker, the pendulum a beaker, bottle holder, stainless steel a beaker and dip net) are attached to the telescopic rod by a practical snap-in joint.

Ideal for sampling from baths, tanks, shafts, open water coursesetc. Sampling depths down to 6 m can be reached with the adjustable telescopic aluminium rod.

Different tools can be attached to the telescopic rod (snap-in joint). The individual rods have been provided with an end stop. This means that one rod cannot accidentally slip out of another rod. The telescopic rods cannot be rotated radially, which means even better handling!

Telescopic rod 5355-0280, extremely short model-yet extendable up to 280 cm. Fits into every car boot!

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